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French adult classes at MILI MontpellierFrench, the most popular romantic language spoken by 115 million people worldwide and with another 85+ million studying it.  French is alive and growing and MILI Montpellier can help achieve your linguistic objectives through our extensive program of french courses!

The French language program at MILI Montpellier meets a wide range of general language needs across a broad range of linguistic abilities intended to help you achieve your learning goals.  If you are looking for a French language course in Montpellier, MILI is the ideal place for you. We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) developed in 2001 by the the European Commission for language learning. MILI now offers 3 different French language course levels and we can offer the flexibility to customize a program just for your needs while still maintaining the fundamentals cornerstones of the framework. Above all, at MILI we will put extra focus on improving your French oral communication skills and we will spend a significant amount of time with you to get you comfortable speaking French.  At MILI Montpellier, we focus on providing students a unique linguistic  and cultural experience during your stay in the beautiful and vibrant city of Montpellier. Register in one of our french courses in Montpellier and see for yourself why MILI Montpellier has been rated one of Montpellier's favorite french language schools. 




Private and Semi-Private French Courses:

PRIVATE: 1-on- 1 lessons. An ideal option for students looking for a customized learning program with fast results at flexible times (5 hours package minimum)

SEMI-PRIVATE:  a course for two students of the same level looking to have a customized program and a flexible schedule (5 hours package minimum)  

PACKAGES: we offer individual and group packages that include intensive courses, lodging and cultural/sportive activities. Contact us for more information




All our french language courses in Montpellier can start when you are ready. You choose your schedule. MILI is opened all year long.




  1. French as a Foreign Language (FLE) manuals and textbooks selected by our talented French language pedagogy team.
  2. Authentic documents, audio and video podcasts, internet, short films and songs, French press, newspapers, magazines, French literature etc. All with the help of iPads in class for all students and teachers.
  3. Materials that cover the 6 learning levels from the CEFR (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) with each of them mastering and practicing language skills (oral and written), grammar and expression and cultural aspects of the French culture. Manuals are divided into units that each corresponds to approximately a week of learning. Students who successfully complete a unit will then move on to the next for another week of training.



  1. All students in the FLE program are instructed to take an online test upon enrollment. This test will help us place you in the most suitable class based on your French language CEFR evel and learning objectives.
  2. An individual interview and quick evaluation will be performed by one of our qualified teachers on your first day at MILI to verify that you are in the right level group.
  3. At the end of each week, our FLE teachers will provide each student a progress report and identify areas requiring special attention.  We are your biggest cheerleaders and we will go the extra mile to help you achieve your learning objectives.



A course certificate indicating the type, level and duration of the course (numbers of hours attended) is delivered upon completion of your training program.