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Welcome to France! MILI offers French courses for teenagers between 15 and 17 years old. Classes are organized by age and level, from beginner to advanced. Courses are available throughout the year in private and semi-private courses or as an intensive course during school breaks and holidays. MILI Montpellier organizes also language summer camps during the summertime from the first of July to the 30th of September with a combination of cultural, sport and recreational activities. The French MILI team garantees a high quality teaching methodology in French to help teenagers develop best their skills in a dynamic and stimulating educative environment.


Standard French courses

Teenagers follow a private or semi-private course to reinforce and enhance vocabulary. These courses allow students to master the basics and subtilities of French while reinforcing confidence and oral and written linguistic skills. These courses are offered throughout the year Monday through Friday for teenagers between 15 and 17 years old. The main objectives covered in class are: 

  • Develop ability in French in the 4 main skills (oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression) with the use of activities based on real situation and with the support of authentic documents
  • Cultive ease and perfection with the French language while mastering the numerous particularities and exceptions
  • Progress in using French on a regular daily basis 
  • Develop strategies to help students learn on their own and allow great progression in using a perfect French language outside the classroom


Intensive French Camps

Enjoy your school breaks and enroll in a course to get better in French. French intensive courses at MILI Montpellier help your teenagers feel at ease with the French language in oral and written while learning tips to memorize exceptions and particularities of the French language in a way that will motivate them and really get them up to speed.

The goal of these camps is to give a fun, rich and positive experience because motivation is key in any learning process, especially with teenagers ! The camps are based on an intensive course over school breaks and offer the great advantage to provide regular training over a short period of time. Courses are a week long and the MILI French professors makes sure that students practice and develop their grammar skills daily, vocabulary, each using an iPad (one per student) as a learning tool, and practising the four regular linguistic skills  of oral and written comprehension and expression. These courses enhance communication activities in situation where students use the French language through games, role plays, drama, presentations etc. Learning French has never been so fun.

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