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A word from us

MILI officially opened to the public in February 2011.  It is the product of a lifetime dream of its co-owners Richard and Veronique Garro who dreamed of starting their own language school to show their love of languages and cultures. It was a long journey before they could finally start working on planning this project.  But their perseverance paid off and MILI conceptually was born on December 2009, when they decided that they would move to France in 2010 and pursue their entrepreneurial dream. The name?  Well, it wasn't until they settled with Montpellier as the place to start the institute that they decided on the name MILI.  Yes, they considered a few other location options but Montpellier won hands down.

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Our Mission

At MILI our mision is to provide a conducive learning environment where students get a chance to feel and experience life in a different language a few hours a week. You don't come to class just to regurgitate new words in a new language, at MILI you will do a lot of the things you normally do in life BUT in a new language and we promise you will have loads of fun in the process

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Our Team

Learn all about our talented team at MILI. It is certainly an international fun group of people that speak many languages and breath a variety of cultures and experiences

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MILI is located in the heart of the historical center of Montpellier, a pedestrian district, where you can experience the history of this city at every street corner and enjoy the endless and vibrant plazas, boutiques, restaurants and cafés.  An ideal location in one of the most animated and chic area of Montpellier, L’ Ecusson, and only a short walk away from the famous Place de la Comédie, a favorite congregation place for Montpelliérain and visitors, and the Polygone, the second largest indoor mall in France. Public transportation (train, tramway and buses) are only a few steps away making it easy and convenient to get to MILI.

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Our Care for the environment

MILI lights up to GREEN . What eco-citizen are you?

At MILI, we are constantly adapting new processes and changing our ways to minimize our impact to the environment and challenge all of our students to do the same.  The following are some of the things you can expect at MILI in the name of conservation.

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