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Italian courses MILI Montpellier


MILI Montpellier offers Italian courses. The proximity and close borders of Italy and the numerous exchanges that take place every day require for a lot of people to have some knowledge of the Italian language, more or less advanced or speciliazed depending on needs and objectives. Others would want to learn the language just for personnal reasons, it is fine and it is possible with MILI, language school in Montpellier. 


Precise linguistic lessons for all levels 

MILI Montpellier experienced teachers will help you evaluate your level in Italian so that you can start Italian courses in the right to level: beginner, elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, proficiency. Each level will benefit from a personnal approach and an individual follow-up done on a regular basis by the MILI pedagogical team and for all students. The progression between levels will be greatly facilitated and learning will be smoothly.


Specific language courses for professionals 

The importance of business relationships with Italy deserve to offer specialized language trainings. MILI Montpellier will help you put together a customized language program with language courses based on your professional objectives mixing both written and oral  skills. To answer everyones needs, MILI Montpellier language school offers you private and semi-private Italian courses. Whatever formula you decide to choose from, your language training can be financially supported by your company or any financial organizations as well as the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) which has replaced the term DIF since January 2015. Click HERE for more informations.

Companies, HR directors, please call us or fill an application to receive an estimate.


Specific language courses for individuals

If you wish to acquire a very confortable level of the language for yourself or just to maintain a level you already have in the Italian language, MILI will offer you a panel of private italian courses or semi-private classes all year long with Italian native teachers. Contact us for more informations.

For any estimate request, please fill the application and we will send it back to you within 12 hours.