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A word from MILI directors


2011-08-10_2011-08-10_001_003MILI officially opened to the public in February 2011.  It is the product of a lifetime dream of its co-owners Richard and Veronique Garro who dreamed of starting their own language school to show their love of languages and different cultures. It was a long journey before they could finally start working on planning this project.  But their perseverance paid off and MILI conceptually was born on December 2009, when they decided that they would move to France to pursue their entrepreneurial dream. The name?  Well, it wasn't until they settled with Montpellier as the place to start the institute that they decided on the name MILI.  Yes, they considered a few other location options in France but Montpellier won hands down.  They found in Montpellier a culturally diverse population, beautiful historical sites, very attractive and innovative architecture, a progressive local government willing to help out entrepreneurs and of course, great weather.

The founders truly understand why mastering multiple languages has become a necessity in today's world.  At their home, they speak three languages ALL the time.  Richard, American of Argentinian parents, only communicates with his three children in Spanish while Veronique, a french citizen who grew up all over France, only speaks French to them. And the third language? English of course, the one used by Veronique and Richard to communicate between them.  Wow, that's confusing!  They can talk for hours about the importance of maintaining their cultural roots and the key role that languages play on achieving it.  They are an example of how one can raise children in a multilingual environment where children walk out with incredible cross-cultural and linguistic skills.  

At MILI, people do not just learn a language but experience it.  We will put everything at your disposal to ensure that you enjoy every minute you spend at MILI and that you walk out with a new tool set that will expand your world and open up new doors in today's economy.  But don't take our word for it, come in and talk to us, we will be happy to talk to you about your language objectives and prepare a plan that will help you succeed.