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MILI team 



Bonjour, my name is Véronique. I am French and the proud co-founder of MILI. I moved to the US 18 years ago, started in NYC, ended in California, completed my MBA, worked in a law firm for several years then moved on and eventually started teaching: English, French, adults, children.  I got my teaching credentials and taught in bilingual schools and also taught private courses to a large group of students. Very quickly I became passionate about teaching languages, a very rewarding position. My dream came true with the opening of MILI. Something else about me is that I love to dance.  I did it for several years (classic, modern, jazz, you name it) and now, I am all into zumba. It brings me closer to the latin rhythms and culture that I enjoy so much. Food: I love all kinds of pasta, so with Richard, we found another area for perfect connection! I love traveling but hate planes. I talk a lot and people always say I am too loud but that's me! Today, my goal is to keeping working hard at the success of MILI!  

VeroniqueVeronique Garro



Hi, my name is Richard, I am American-Argentinian, co-founder of MILI and English teacher. You don't need to know me well before finding out that I am passionate about football (soccer),biking (road and mtb), traveling, languages, my family and technology. Engage me in a conversation and you will quickly see! I spent a large portion of my career working with start ups in Silicon Valley and most recently spent several years at PayPal (eBay). My favorite foods: asado (argentine bbq), empanadas, a good burger, cassoulet, pastas (noquis and raviolis) and flan con dulce de leche. What's next for me? First, make MILI the most reputable language school in Montpellier.  Anything else? Yes, finish a second Ironman triathlon within the next 5 years (completed one in California in 2004). I will see you soon at MILI and hasta pronto!



Richard Garro



French Professors

Hello, my name is Maèva and I come from the north of France, or at least according to people from Montpellier as I am from a place a little bit above the Loire river. I love to move around and see new places all the time and thus a reason for my stay in Montpellier.  I love to travel during my free time in France and abroad. :Le Mans, Nantes, Lisbonne, Cork, Cotonou, Montpellier. I think that this love for travel comes from all of the countries I visited when I was a child. What do I like to do besides traveling? Listen to music, all types of music.  It takes me from Cap-Vert to Argentina, and from Portugal to Mongolia.  I also like to play music, read, and sports. I chose to teach French because it means that I can share my language and rich culture and at the same time it allows me to continue discovering new cultures.


  Maevamaeva pic


Je m’appelle Mélanie, j’ai 26 ans et je suis professeur de français langue étrangère depuis 2 ans et demi. J’ai beaucoup voyagé à l’étranger pour mes études et mon travail. J’ai notamment enseigné en Corée du Sud, en Equateur et au Chili mais aussi en France auprès de publics d’âges et de niveaux différents


Melanie 3208b


 English Professors

Hello, my name is Charlie and I’m from England. I joined MILI last June, when I moved from Catalonia, where I was teaching in a high school. I have quite varied interests, from cycling and running to theatre and comedy, and I have always had a strong passion for languages. I graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in French and Spanish Literature, Language and Culture, which has opened up an array of opportunity for me; I’ve travelled extensively in South America and Europe, and taught English in various different countries. When I was 20, I completed a 3000 km sponsored hitch-hike from Edinburgh to Morocco. Finally, I really love to cook and I’m hugely influenced by the cultures I’ve travelled in. Working at MILI is really great, all the team are very friendly and the school has a real family feel. I don’t think I’ll be moving from Montpellier for a while, it really has everything I could possibly ask for! 


Charlie Byles Pic



Hello, my name is Elaine and I come from the west of Ireland where the sun rarely shines! On the plus side it is very, very green where I'm from! It is quiet a contrast to live here where for much of the year it's the opposite. I'm not complaining, I absolutely love the big, blue, clear skies here! I am a people person and love spending time with friends and I really enjoy meeting new people. My other passions are reading, yoga, hiking and being in nature. I also adore travelling and all the rich experiences that are encountered through visiting other countries and cultures... and of course meeting lots of interesting people along the way.



 Elaine Updated

Hello! My name is Niamh and I come from Northern Ireland. My name is a traditional Irish name and is actually pronounced Neeve! (Very difficult for  people who are not Irish to understand!) Luckily the English language is a bit easier than the Gaelic language, and I have been teaching English for four years around the world. I lived and worked in Vietnam for one year before studying Modern Languages and European studies at the University of Birmingham in England. I love hiking and rock climbing, learning languages, doing yoga and going on cycling trips in the beautiful French sunshine! Working at MILI is great fun because of the relaxed, friendly atmosphere... So I hope to see you very soon! 


Niamh 50c88



Hello! I am Elizabeth, the crazy but fun American at MILI. If you like to laugh, you will definately enjoy my classes.  But I am not just a professor.  I have ample experience in the business world as a market analyst and communication specialist. I love to talk and learn all about my students.    


 Elizabeth Haury cc317



Spanish Professors

¡Buenos días! Soy Gonzalo, y trabajo en MILI como profesor de español desde 2012. Soy originario de Murcia, una región soleada del sur de España, y, tras terminar mis estudios de inglés y francés, vine a vivir a Francia. He vivido en Lille y Clermont-Ferrand antes de descubrir esta fantástica ciudad que es Montpellier, donde me gustaría quedarme el mayor tiempo posible. Mis aficiones son leer, viajar, hacer deporte y escribir. También disfruto conociendo y aprendiendo de la gente de otros países, ¡así que me encanta mi trabajo!


foto Gonzalo Gomez f8e7a


Hello, my name is Altea and I am Spanish.  I completed my studies in communication in the city of Sevilla and I obtained a certificate of pedagogical aptitud that allowed me to discover my passion for teaching my native language, Spanish. After living and working in different points of this world like Buenos Aires, La Habana, Madrid, and París, I landed in Montpellier where I work as a Spanish professor at MILI. I love to travel, meet new people and discover new cultures. So what do I do when I am not teaching? I like to read, dance, go to the movies, laugh and share a good moment with friends while enjoying a good "tortilla de patatas." ¡Hasta pronto!


altea sanjuan



D'un naturel sociable et curieux, j'adore la lecture, faire des randonnées dans la nature, regarder des films et faire des voyages de découverte culturelle. L'optimisme et la persévérance sont deux caractéristiques de ma personnalité me permettant de garder le sourire et la gaieté en toutes circonstances. Ma principale motivation pour travailler en tant qu'enseignante à Montpellier est de pouvoir partager des connaissances avec les élèves afin qu'ils puissent découvrir et maîtriser une nouvelle langue


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 Portuguese Professor

Natif de Rio de Janeiro, Felipe Bastos de Carvalho est professeur de portugais du Brésil depuis 4 ans. Formé en Histoire à l'Université Fédérale de Rio de Janeiro. Spécialiste de l'histoire afro-brésilienne, ce "carioca",  fin connaisseur de la société brésilienne est aussi un capable d'enseigner la civilisation comme le portugais des affaires. Ayant travaillé dans les grandes écoles en France, il a également formé en cours particuliers plusieurs cadres qui sont partis travailler au Brésil. 


Felipe Brazil b9962


  German Professor

 Je m'appelle Marina. À l'age de 35 ans j'ai vécu dans trois pays (Russie, Allemagne, France) pendant plusieurs années et j'ai eu l'occasion de faire la connaissance avec des gens intéressants de ces pays, leur culture (histoire et littérature), leurs habitudes, leur façon de vivre. C'est grâce aux langues que j'ai pu comprendre et apprécier ces différences culturelles et enrichir de cette façon ma propre vie. J'adore toutes les langues car elles permettent à une personne de communiquer avec les autres dans n'importe quel endroit du monde, et c'est  par l'apprentissage des langues qu'on se sent plus libre et plus riche. Je suis contente de partager ce sentiment de liberté avec mes élèves en leur enseignant le russe et l'allemand.


marinasochi2013 d8b09