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Teaching methodology and MILI's pedagogical team


Our language courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) established as the official guide to the study of languages. Prior to the start of our courses, all students except beginners are tested to assess their knowledge of the language selected and to faciliate the creation of groups of similar levels.

Our professors

All our professors are native speakers, certified to teach languages and have extensive experience working with students from all over the world. They are specialists in teaching dynamic and highly entertaining language courses to individuals and groups of all ages. They encourage and expect everyone to participate in class and exchange opinions and stories to enrich the experience of learning a new language. Above all, they want you to LIVE the language and have FUN.

Our teaching methods

Two words describes our teaching methodology: adapable and creative. We develop a lot of our own material to customize your experience of learning a new language and our professors take great pride in ensuring that their classes are educational but very entertaining and relevant. You can expect to discuss the latest international and local news in class and/or hear podcasts from well known sources about an extensive array of topics.

The class sizes at MILI language institute are small, maximun 8 people, in order to create the most conducive environment to learn a language.  While at MILI you can expect to practice the basic 4 language skills, our team puts a lot of focus on having our students practice their oral expression and comprehension.  We want you to speak and we'll help you loose your fear of doing it. One of our goals, regardless of your level, is to get you comfortable speaking the language and listening to its sounds.  

Your professor will give you constant feedback about your level of improvement and will evaluate your progress on a weekly basis.  Once you have achieved all of the objectives of your CEFR level, our team will advise you that you have achieved the level and you will be placed on the subsequent level.